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I am Bilal Umeedwala, a Digital Solutions and Web Designer. I have been working in the digital sector for over 5 years as a freelancer. I launched my venture, VDigiPro in 2019 intending to provide innovative, interactive, and mobile-friendly websites at affordable prices, without compromising on the quality, aesthetics, and services. The main objective of working under the banner of an agency is to gather a global team, with a diverse range of experience that can deliver quality designing, content, and website retaining service essential for the growth of a business. With the digital world, opportunities are endless, and that is exactly what I want for my clients; an array of services that can help you grown your business. So, if you want to get your business online, let’s get to work; together.


My mission is to provide a quality web-designing package, that can keep up with the modern-day business requirements, and can contribute to the effective and effective utilization of the digital business sphere.


I want to create a safe space for our small and medium business community and help them join the digital revolution, and empower start-ups, essentially paving the path for a digital economy.


I want to create something worth creating, that will endure the test of time. I do this by relentlessly focusing on customers’ success by enabling ‘my people’, building high-quality processes, and planning for the long-term. I am truly grounded by humility and driven by ambition.


I have navigated the world of freelancing successfully for over 5 years, and my experience with a global clientele has taught me the value of diversity, and the importance of a one-stop-shop for all skills digital. I have had the pleasure of watching my client’s sales increase up to 30% in a year on average, and an avid uplift in organic traffic by 90%. My experience enriched by working with digital solution development and I have amassed effective and efficient strategies that help me interact, and engage with a product and service, to create potential value in the niche market.



We have a knack for the production, and composition of high quality targeted content. We innovate, capture, and visualize from a client’s perspective keeping in mind, the expectation of the audience that is being served and swayed in favor of the business. Our strategic team specializes in the curation and repurposing of multiple online mediums. So digital content is indeed our jam.


We believe in the power of branding. Every business is at a crossroads and branding is the difference between walking up to success or being driven into the ground. Our experts have the capacity to develop brand stories and create compelling visuals that deliver your vision, resonate with the audience, and drive engagement.


Our journey in the field of freelancing, and afterward as an established agency has left us with valuable brand knowledge, recognition, and an acute awareness of the market. We are known for creating solutions that drive success by curated content, well-though campaigns, and social media management in an active-learning mind-set mi enlace.


At VDigiPro, we specialize in website designing, content creation, graphics solutions, and active development and retainment. We get you online and build your presence that cultivates the audience on all platforms.


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  • The promotional designs and marketing strategy that Bilal have created for me is brilliant! It is everything I expected and more. The ideas for boosting a business is truly his niche. The content I got has been amazingly targeted and designed stuff is professional looking. What make me trust more is his process. Personally I own a business and and it has been a stretch for me to go digital. My skepticism is no more and I would highly recommend the guy, because he truly know the digital business sphere.

    RAHIM HAIDER Production Manager at Hansa Leather Garments (Pvt) Ltd
  • Fast deliver on the content and ideas. I was promised a diverse strategy for organic traffic drive, and I am extremely happy with the results so far. Bilal has been very accommodating, making changes and keeping view of the analytics to ensure that the content is working. Would love to work with him again.

  • I had a readability issues on my website and SEO was extremely dull (I knew I need SEO but could not get results) but after a month's back and forth discussions and modifications, I am seeing improvement. Its by far better than I could have done myself.

    CHAUDHRY UMAR Next Cables & Lighting